Staten Island Coin Review

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Staten Island Coin Review- Everything You Must Know!

Precious metal bars and coins are a smart investment for diversifying their portfolio or storing wealth. Staten Island Coin has extensive gold, silver, and platinum products worldwide, from coins minted as early as the 17th century to modern commemoratives. Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced numismatist (coin collector), Staten Island Coin can help you find the perfect product.

About Staten Island Coin

Founded in 1976, Staten Island Coin has provided clients with the best service and selection of coins and precious metal bars for over 40 years. They source product from highly regarded mints worldwide, including the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, and many others. Their team of professionals is knowledgeable about numismatics (coin collecting) and can help clients find the perfect product for their needs. 


Staten Island Coin offers a variety of coins from gold, silver, and platinum products from around the world. Whether you're looking to buy your first coin or build an extensive collection, they have something for everyone. Some of their product offerings include Gold American Eagles, Silver Morgan Dollars, Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs, and many more. They also carry a variety of commemorative coins from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Austria, and other countries around the world. 


At Staten Island Coin, they go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Their services include appraisals, coin grading services, and consignment. They also offer various other services, such as secure storage, shipping insurance, and asset management. 


Staten Island Coin offers secure storage for clients looking to store their investments. They have a state-of-the-art vault monitored 24/7 by trained security personnel and protected with sophisticated alarms and surveillance systems. 

Educational Resources

Staten Island Coin offers a variety of educational resources for those looking to learn more about coins and precious metals. They offer informational articles, webinars, and newsletters that provide insight into numismatics. 

Shipping & Payment 

Staten Island Coin offers secure, fast, and affordable shipping options. They also accept various payment methods, including credit cards, money orders, wire transfers, etc. 

Discounts & Promotions

Staten Island Coin offers discounts and promotions from time to time. Be sure to sign up for their email list to stay up to date on the latest deals. They also provide free shipping on orders over a certain amount. 

Steps to Buy

Buying from Staten Island Coin is easy and secure. Simply browse their website and select the product you're interested in. Once you've chosen a coin or bar, add it to your cart and checkout. You'll be asked to provide payment information and customs declarations if necessary. After that, they will process your order quickly and securely. 

Real Reviews

Clients highly rate Staten Island Coin. Here are some reviews:

"I recently purchased a few coins from Staten Island Coin, and I'm very pleased with the entire process. The website was easy to navigate, the prices were competitive, and my order arrived quickly and safely."

A Verified Client

"I've been buying coins from Staten Island Coin for years, and they are always top-notch. Their customer service is excellent, their product selection is great, and their prices are unbeatable."

A Verified Client

"If you're looking for coins or precious metals, Staten Island Coin is the way to go. I highly recommend them!"

A Verified Client

"You can't go wrong with Staten Island Coin. I've been dealing with them for years, and the experience has always been great."

A Verified Client

Pros and Cons


  • Wide selection of coins and precious metals
  • Competitive prices
  • Secure storage options
  • Excellent client servicing
  • Fast shipping


  • Limited payment methods available

Is Staten Island Coin a Scam?

No, Staten Island Coin is not a scam. They are an established business with over 20 years of experience in the coin and precious metal industry. Their BBB rating is A+, with hundreds of verified reviews from happy clients. Their coins are guaranteed genuine, and their client servicing is top-notch. 

How much to invest with Staten Island Coin? 

That depends on your investment strategy. The best way to determine how much you should invest is to consult a financial expert or wealth manager. 

Where is Staten Island Coin located? 

Staten Island Coin is based in Staten Island, New York. They are open during regular business hours.

How is Staten Island Coin rated?

They boast a perfect 5-star rating from clients on TrustPilot, with more than 500 verified reviews. 

Why invest in rare coins?

Investing in rare coins can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation. Rare coins are also valuable collector's items, which can be highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. 

Why invest in precious metal coins?

Investing in precious metal coins can be a wise option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and protect against inflation. Precious metals are known for holding their value over time, making them an excellent addition to any investment strategy. They also come with the bonus of being tangible assets, meaning you can hold them in your hand. 

Who should invest in precious metal coins?

Anyone looking to diversify their portfolio and protect against inflation should consider investing in precious metal coins. The prices of gold, silver and other precious metals tend to move independently of stocks and bonds, making them an excellent addition to any investment strategy. Precious metal coins can also be held in tangible form, meaning you get more than just the investment value when you buy them. 

Coin investment in 2023

Coin investment in 2023 is likely to continue seeing growth with the advent of new technologies and increasing global demand for digital currencies. With more people investing in coins, it's important to look at the different factors that can influence the market and ensure you have a good understanding of what could affect the value of your coins. 

Also, look at how the different coins are performing in various markets and research what makes a good investment. Diversifying your portfolio by investing in multiple coins is also important, as this can help reduce risk.

Final Words

Staten Island Coin is a great option for those looking to buy coins and precious metals. They offer a wide selection of coins from around the world, competitive prices, secure storage options, fast shipping, and excellent client servicing. With so much to offer, Staten Island Coin is an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in coins or precious metals. Be sure to check them out today!