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Sprott USA is a trusted source for investors who want to invest in the precious metals market and offers a variety of products to meet the needs of different investors. Whether you are looking for exposure to physical gold bullion or interested in investing in stocks and other commodities, you can consider Sprott USA to provide professional and reliable investment advice.

Read this review to learn more about the services provided by Sprott USA and decide for yourself whether this is a good investment option for you.


Sprott USA is a United States company specializing in gold and silver trading. Sprott USA works to offer investors a higher standard of investment opportunities, including exchange-traded funds, precious metals equities, mining companies, and bullion products, among other items.

Sprott USA was founded by Eric Sprott - one of the world's most successful and well-known experts on the precious metals market. Sprott has over 40 years of investment experience, with a particular focus on gold, silver, and other commodities. 

He is also the founder of Sprott Global Resources Investments Ltd., which provides financial advice to investors worldwide. He is a board member of Sprott Asset Management LP and other companies.

Sprott USA offers a variety of products to investors, including exchange-traded funds (ETF), precious metals equities, mining companies, and bullion products. 

One of the most popular investment options is the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS). This trust exposes investors to physical gold, using a structure similar to the traditional ETF. PHYS provides investors with real gold bullion bars stored in allocated accounts.

In addition to exchange-traded funds and precious metals equities, Sprott USA also offers investors contracts for difference (CFDs) on stocks and commodities such as silver and gold.

Managed Accounts Provided by Sprott USA

Managed accounts are another investment option offered by Sprott USA. These accounts allow investors to build a customized portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other securities suited to their individual investment goals and risk tolerance levels.

They are highly beneficial for investors looking for professional investment advice and those new to the market who want to take a more hands-on role in managing their investments.

Opening an account requires you to fill out a short form and provide basic information about your investing goals and experience level. Then, a member of the Sprott USA team will contact you to discuss your investment options and help you decide which products are best suited to your individual needs.

Private Resource Partnerships

Sprott USA offers investors access to valuable private resources, such as the Sprott Resource Speakers Series. This series of educational webinars and podcasts provide investors with up-to-date information and expert advice on various topics related to investment in precious metals and other commodities.

You can also consider joining the Sprott USA community on social media, where you'll find a wealth of investment resources and expert advice to help you make informed decisions about your investments. 

Sprott USA also provides investors with various tools and resources, including market reports and analysis, to help them stay up to date on the latest trends in precious metals. 

The insights and support you need to make smart investment decisions are just a few clicks away. 

Product Range 

Sprott USA offers a variety of investment options, including: · 

  • ETFs - Exchange-traded funds are an excellent choice for investors seeking exposure to precious metals. Sprott USA offers a range of ETFs, including the popular PHYS gold bullion fund.
  • Equities - If you're interested in investing in companies that mine or produce precious metals, you can also consider investing in equities. Sprott USA offers CFDs on both stocks and commodities.
  • Tools and resources – Sprott USA provides investors with various tools and resources to help them make informed investment decisions.

Benefits of ETFs

One of the biggest benefits of ETFs is that they give investors exposure to a wide range of assets and investment opportunities, all in one convenient package. This makes them an ideal choice for investors looking to build a diversified portfolio or those new to investing who want to get started with a simplified approach.

Another major benefit of ETFs is that they are highly liquid investments. This means you can buy and sell shares in these funds quickly without worrying about paying large fees or waiting long periods for your trades to be processed. ETFs also offer investors exposure to a range of assets, including gold bullion, stocks, and bonds

Benefits of Equities

Equities offer investors the opportunity to invest directly in companies that produce or mine precious metals, giving you exposure to the performance of these businesses on a day-to-day basis. Some of the major benefits of investing in equities include: · 

Access to valuable resources – By investing in equities, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools and resources to help you make informed investment decisions about your portfolio.

Greater control – Equities offer investors more control over their investments and the ability to play an active role in managing their portfolios.

Is Sprott USA a Scam?

No, Sprott USA is not a scam. As one of the leading precious metals investment firms in the United States, Sprott USA has a proven track record of providing investors with expert advice and guidance to help them make smart investment decisions.

Sprott is an international and reputable firm with a long history of success, and they stand behind all of its products and services. Whether you’re looking to invest in precious metals or get started with equities trading, Sprott USA is here to help. 

They have BBB accreditation and many positive reviews from satisfied customers, so you can feel confident trusting them with your investment needs. They also have several satisfied customers who would happily share their experiences and recommendations. 

One of their customers said, “I’ve been investing in precious metals for years, and I’ve always trusted Sprott USA to help me make smart investment decisions. Whether I’m looking to buy ETFs or equities, they offer the support and expertise that I need.” 

Another stated, “As a novice investor, I was a little nervous about getting started in the markets. But with Sprott USA’s help, I feel confident that I’m making informed decisions and diversifying my portfolio. So, if you’re looking for expert guidance to help you get started in precious metals or equities trading, Sprott USA is definitely the right choice.” 

Pros & Cons of Sprott USA

There are several pros and cons when investing with Sprott USA. Some of the main benefits include: · 

Sprott USA is the right choice for you if you're looking for expert guidance and support when it comes to investing in equities.


  • Expert guidance and support - With so many investment options available, it can be difficult for investors to know where to start. But with the help of Sprott USA, you'll have access to expert advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions for your portfolio.
  • Convenience and flexibility – As an investor, you want to access your funds anytime without worrying about paying large fees or waiting long periods for your trades to be processed. With Sprott USA, you’ll enjoy fast and convenient trading and the ability to liquidate your investments at any time.


  • Lack of guarantees - While investing in precious metals can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against inflation, the performance of these assets is not guaranteed and can fluctuate depending on market conditions.

How much to invest with Sprott USA?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the amount you invest will depend on several factors, including your investment goals, risk tolerance, and overall financial situation. When working with Sprott USA, starting with a small initial investment is recommended to test the waters and get comfortable with the trading process. 

However, Sprott USA can also accommodate your needs if you are a more experienced investor and looking to make larger investments. With a wide range of products and services available, they have the expertise and resources needed to help you achieve your investment goals and grow your portfolio over time. 

When to invest with Sprott USA?

The best time to invest with Sprott USA depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. If you are a new investor looking for guidance and support, then now may be the right time to start working with Sprott USA. 

With their expert team of advisors available to assist you at every step, they can help you get started and navigate the world of equities trading with confidence. Sprott USA may also be a good option if you are an experienced investor looking to make larger, more strategic investments. 

Who is the CEO of Sprott USA?

The current CEO of Sprott USA is Peter Grosskopf, who has been with the company since 2010. Before joining Sprott USA, he held several senior management roles in the finance industry, including at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. 

Peter Grosskopf is a trusted leader in the financial world and an ideal choice for investors looking to their portfolios with Sprott USA.

Final Thoughts

Sprott USA is one of the leading investment firms in the United States, with a proven record of accomplishment in providing expert guidance and support to help investors make smart investment decisions. Whether you're looking for guidance regarding purchasing precious metals or getting started with equities trading, Sprott USA is here to help.